The Feeling of 2016

2016 is finally here, and I've been preparing myself for this year since I can remember. I have been telling myself and hearing it from others that this is the year that I finally grow up. The year that my life really begins. I can't help but challenge this notion, and say that every year is "that year." I've experienced so much growth, happiness, learning, and success, as well as sadness, disappointment, loss, and stagnation. It simply is what happens within the course of the year, for everybody. One could say that they only live in progress, and this is a hope for everyone, but an unrealistic answer to how life is actually lived. With each new year, I look back on the previous twelve months and swear that its been the best so far. That being said, each year has the potential in itself to be the year of your life. These are my three personal resolutions, and I encourage and challenge you to join me!

Be at peace with your feelings. Meditate on the good, rich ones. This does not mean that you will only have good feelings. If you are a human being, you are due for discomfort and hurt. You are absolutely allowed to feel these things, and recognizing them is the true feat. It is what you do after the feeling that gives you a true diagnosis of where you are at as far as your internal control room. The bounce back. Feeling is to be alive, whether the feeling is good or bad.

Put the phone down. This is something that I personally have a hard time doing, but I am trying my best with it. I miss a lot of what is happening because I am trying to record it! Funny, huh? I'd rather experience the moment in person than watch is through a tiny screen the next day to remember what happened. As far as social media, try not to compare this year. Everyone's best, plus a filter, is posted for everyone to see. Nobody is going to put their acne, post break up selfie, or failed test grade on their timeline. RELAX, and stop feeling less than because someone's life via social media looks better. Your authentic and real self is what counts, so lay off the self-inflicted judgment for a little would ya?

Love yourself. Every single part. I have struggled with this for so long, and continue to, but swear to make a valiant effort to love myself the most this year. I will start by making a difference when I look in the mirror. Instead of my eyes first glaring at my fat on the sides of my stomach, I will compliment how good my hair looks. If my hair doesn't look good, then I'll thank God for the straightener on my counter. If my straightener breaks, I'll have a mini melt down, and then choose to think about the my dimple on my cheek that everyone likes. It has everything to do with the outlook and response, and less to do with the reality of it.

These are three of many resolutions that I have, and more are going to be added to the list. The key to it all is to be easy on yourself. The challenge is there, and won't go away if you have a slip up. Again, the response is what will ultimately shape your days, and ultimately your new year. Just know you aren't alone.



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