The Difference

(Serena Williams, the baddest on the planet)

People can wish something into their lives. Obsess over the thought of it. Visualize the reward. Constantly seek the outcome. Imagine how much better their lives will be after this one thing happens. They can tell everyone their great plans and see themselves ten years down the road with everything they've ever wanted.

Sometimes, this is all people ever do. They don't get past the stage of realizing their dream, and aren't even aware of it. They haven't crossed that line, and they don't understand the difference.

There is a difference between wishing and working. As powerful as the mind is and can be, the body physically has to respond to the images of success that are in the brain. Having the "mindset" is all encompassing. Every thought and desire HAS to be matched with an equal amount of action. The higher the input (goal), the harder the output (effort). The two have to go hand-in-hand.

Want to break a bad habit? I wish it was as easy as wishing it away. But instead, I would fill that time with a better habit, or use little tricks to get away from doing it or that might help break temptation. Need to learn a new drill? Visualizing may help the progress, but I know that the only way I will master the drill is if I do it over, and over, and over again. Wanting to become the best version of myself? Of course, my thoughts are crucial, but I need to be good to my body, set goals, wake up earlier, feed my soul, work out, keep the house clean, etc. to make sure that what I am hoping for is executed. Hard work has to be there too.

I am the biggest advocate of the brain and its power over our lives. The way that we think and feel shapes how our every day goes. But we can't neglect the other side of it. I’ve done this before and I’ve made a vow to myself that I won’t do it again. We have to turn on the motor and press forward towards our vision. Always forward. Decisions are either taking us ten steps back or we are getting closer to the goal. A dream is nothing but wasted space in the brain if we are not taking action and ACHIEVING IT. Whatever time we have can either be wasted or purposeful.

I wish hunger on all of you. Not lack of food, but a burning desire in your gut that makes you want to take over EVERYTHING. I want you to get up in the morning with a purpose and tackle whatever it is you're doing with grit and passion. If you find that what you're doing is not filling your cup, either change the way you are thinking about it or smack the mediocre out of yourself and WAKE UP. There is so much out there for the taking. The most successful businesswomen/men, athletes, teachers, doctors, lawyers, CEO's, leaders, activists, actors, etc. decided to match the effort they gave to the thoughts in their minds. They made the choice to give up average and be great. They NEED that greatness.

THAT is the difference.

xo, Lo

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